Contour Abs Belt: A Detailed Review

The Contour Abs Belt is a product designed to work the abdominal muscles without the need for traditional exercise. It employs EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation), a technique often used in physical therapy, to stimulate muscle contraction. By wrapping around the midsection, just below the navel, it targets the abdominal area effectively.


Contour Abs


The Contour Abs is advertised to work your ab muscles so you won’t have to break a sweat. The contour abs belt wraps around the midsection just below the navel and features a technique long used in physical therapy known as EMS.

  • Extra accessories
  • One-size-fits-all
  • Not FDA-approved

Unique Features

  • Adjustable Intensity: The Contour Abs Belt offers adjustable intensity levels ranging from 0-100%, allowing users to tailor the experience to their comfort level.
  • Swiss Wave Technology: This patented system claims to mimic the brain’s language, optimizing the effectiveness of the electronic signals sent to the muscles.
  • Quick Start Guide: Each purchase includes a guide for immediate use, ensuring a smooth start for new users.

Pros and Cons

  • Convenience: Can be used while engaging in other activities.
  • Comprehensive Package: Ships with extra accessories like a controller, user manual, nutrition and exercise guide, batteries, a VIP hotline card, electrodes, a warranty card, and a travel backpack.
  • Transparent Communication: The website emphasizes the importance of a healthy diet and regular exercise for optimal results, setting realistic expectations.
  • One-Size-Fits-All: May not suit everyone perfectly due to its fixed size.
  • Limited Warranty: Comes with only a one-year warranty.
  • Non-FDA Approved: The product isn’t cleared by the FDA, which might concern some users.
  • Target Audience: Best suited for individuals who are already near their fitness goals.

Usage and Safety

The belt is intended for people close to their fitness objectives, such as those with minimal weight to lose or those getting back in shape post-pregnancy or after a break from exercise. The website advises consulting a doctor before use and clarifies that the belt is not for rehabilitating damaged muscles. Users may experience soreness or pain, similar to physical exercise.

Included Items

  • Contour Abs Belt
  • M2 Controller
  • User Manual
  • Nutrition and Exercise Guide
  • 4 AAA Batteries
  • VIP – Talk Hotline Card
  • 4 Electrodes
  • 1-Year Warranty Card
  • Travel Backpack

User Reviews

Review by Robb S.

The blogger Robb shared a detailed review of his experience with the Contour Abs Belt on his blog, beginning with a healthy dose of skepticism. Initially approached by the Contour team for a review, Robb, who was undergoing physical therapy for back issues related to degenerative disc disease, was curious about the belt’s efficacy. His physical therapy included exercises and EMS, which piqued his interest in the similar technology used by the Contour Ab Belt.

Upon receiving the belt, he discovered it employed gel pads for EMS, akin to what he was experiencing in therapy. This realization shifted his perspective from viewing the product as a mere novelty to considering its practical applications. Intrigued by the potential benefits, he contacted Contour for a back accessory to enhance the belt’s use.

The review delves into the mechanics of EMS, explaining how it stimulates muscles through electrical impulses. The belt arrived with a comprehensive set of videos and instructions, emphasizing the importance of a holistic approach to fitness, including exercise and proper diet. The reviewer appreciated this realistic approach, countering the misconception that the belt alone could achieve dramatic physical transformations.

I now had the one part of physical therapy I could not do at home…at home.

Robb S.

His personal goal was not to achieve a sculpted physique but to aid in his recovery and return to biking. Robb found the usage of the belt initially odd, likening it to the EMS treatment he had received in physical therapy. He highlighted the ease of use, with a preprogrammed controller and a manual outlining various intensity programs.

Despite not achieving the stereotypical six-pack abs, largely due to his dietary choices, the reviewer acknowledged the belt’s significant role in his recovery. It allowed him to maintain consistent therapy at home, potentially speeding up his return to biking. He emphasized that while the Contour Ab Belt isn’t a miracle solution for achieving a perfect physique, it is effective in strengthening core muscles and can be valuable for specific fitness goals or rehabilitation needs.

Concluding his review, Robb expressed gratitude for the product, noting its continued use in managing soreness and preventing future biking interruptions. He affirmed the value of having access to EMS technology at home, similar to that used in professional physical therapy settings.

Review by Irina

Irina shared her experience with the Contour Ab Belt on her website, beginning with skepticism. Initially viewing late-night infomercials about ab machines and weight loss devices with doubt, she was especially critical of the idea that a device could effectively stimulate abs without traditional exercise and dieting.

Despite her doubts, she agreed to review the Contour Abs Belt after being approached by the company. She received the package, which included the belt, a meal plan, and an instructional DVD. The meal plan outlined a daily calorie intake of 1400 for women and 1800 for men, divided into six small meals. Irina appreciated the diet guide’s simplicity and ease of use.

Initially apprehensive about using the belt, she gradually increased the intensity of the stimulation, comparing the sensation to electrotherapy at a chiropractor’s office. However, she found that increasing the intensity beyond a certain level caused discomfort and burning pain.

The highest level of stimulation I was able to achieve is 30. Anything higher than 30 I was feeling an awful burning pain on my skin and I couldn’t take it.


Over a month, Irina lost about 4 pounds, attributing the weight loss to the Contour diet plan and her regular gym visits. While she did use the Ab Belt as instructed, she felt that the key to her success was more traditional methods of diet and exercise, including crunches, rather than the belt itself.

In the end, Irina was not convinced of the belt’s effectiveness in achieving toned abs, suggesting that traditional exercise and dieting are more reliable methods. She advised against relying solely on the Ab Belt, especially for those who struggle with traditional ab exercises. While acknowledging Contour’s 30-day guarantee policy, she questioned the value of spending time and money on the product. The reviewer concluded by recommending a focus on diet and regular exercise over using the Ab Belt.

Bottom Line

While not the top-rated in its category, the Contour Abs Belt is a notable contender in the ab belt market, offering good value with its comprehensive package and warranty. Prospective buyers are encouraged to research online customer reviews for real-world insights. The product seems well-suited for those looking to enhance their abdominal fitness, provided they are already close to their fitness goals.

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  1. Be sure to look at all the brands out there. My Contour Belt is okay, but after I did some research I kinda wish I picked another ab belt that works better.

  2. Caution to those who are thinking of buying the Contour Ab Belt. If you are on the larger side, the belt might not even go around your waistline. It does not come with an extension like most of the top rated ad belts. In other words, it might be completely worthless for heavier people. Of course, Contour offers a money back guarantee but that is also very misleading. The buyer has to pay all shipping costs to return the product. If you want to avoid spending money for nothing, check your waistline measurement and the length of the Contour belt. You might end up spending money at the gym to drop pounds and inches before this belt can even be used.

  3. I never ever thought I’d use an ab belt or anything to take the place of working out. Then I hurt my leg in an intramural football game. For the six weeks I was laid up, I used the Contour Belt to keep my abs lookin’ good.


  5. I wish some of these things wouldn’t do all the stupid ads. It makes them look desperate. Right away I wonder why they have to go to extremes like maybe the product falls short. I always thought about getting a Contour Belt but never made that last move. I got one when I retired. Now I wish I would have purchased one long ago. It’s a great feeling to use it and see the improvements.

  6. My order got mixed up and I got really frustrated waiting to get this thing delivered. I’ll report back once I’ve tested the Contour Abs!

  7. Be sure to look at all the brands out there. My Contour Belt is okay, but after I did some research I kinda wish I picked another brand.

  8. I was not convinced at the beginning but finally it works.
    Need a good training session aside anyway.


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