Ab belts look like the latest exercise trend. That’s not a good description, though, because users don’t do any exercise. The ab belt does all the work. As far as ab belts go, there are several brands on the market. Some ads promote the ab belts for toning, some for strength and some for endurance.

There are similar features with some ab belts and most of them are in the same price range of around 200 bucks. Sounds expensive? If it does what it claims to do, most people would gladly pay that much to have great contour abs to show off.

It looks like one big difference in the brands of ab belts is the time and money invested in the design of the product. Some companies have a certain business philosophy that seems more credible than others. If a company rushes through the design and sinks money into advertising, you could end of with a cheaply made ab belt.

If the mini-computer device isn’t solid, sooner or later the consumer will have problems or, at the very least, not get good results. So, it’s up to each person to do the research to figure out the best product match. Just the whole idea that wearing an ab belt can tone abs seems too good to be true, but many people who use these ab belts swear by the results.

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