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Slendertone Flex – not to be confused with the Flex Belt made by the same company – is an ab belt featuring electronic muscle stimulation (EMS). It also offers the same convenience as other ab belts which can be worn while watching TV or doing other activities. It is intended to assist the user in toning abs without the need for any physical exercise. The ab belt does all the work by sending signals to conductors. The message travels to muscle fibers. Then the muscle relaxes and then contracts mimicking the process of physical exercise.

Unique Features

  • 7 programs provide user options for different pulse settings
  • Adjustable intensity level
  • Rechargeable controller with charger included
  • Adapts to other Slendertone devices for other body areas

Pros and Cons

  • Reputable company
  • Comes with extra gel pads
  • Free shipping
  • Slightly reduced price
  • Confusion due to too many separate items (male, female, different gel pads, different belts, muscle conditioner)
  • Upgraded version is available

Bottom Line
As most ab belts work on the same principal, a consumer needs to look at details of each system. Find out what is included in the offer, what other items you’ll need to buy and check on return policy or warranty for the product. Read about the ab belt on line. Customer reviews and expert ratings can provide valuable information to help make the best decision.
Beware of over-the-top advertising. Ab belts seem to be the latest craze in fitness so different companies are competing in the market.
One factor to consider with the Slendertone Flex is its basic nature. The company also stepped up to an upgrade, the Flex Belt. The solid design and medical grade quality of the Flex Belt makes tough competition for other ab belts.

Slendertone Flex3.6666666666666665admin2018-07-05 23:52:56Slendertone Flex – not to be confused with the Flex Belt made by the same company – is an ab belt featuring electronic muscle stimulation (EMS). It a…
Ab Belts$149.90Slendertone FlexSlendertone Flex – not to be confused with the Flex Belt made by the same company – is an ab belt featuring electronic muscle stimulation (EMS). It a…
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5 Reviews for “Slendertone Flex”

  1. On April 19, 2010 eliquid said:

    You gotta have some kind of a degree to figure out what Slendertone flex ab belt you need. There are way too many choices so it ends up costing a fortune if you really got the different stuff. There is a style for men and a different style for women. Then you figure out what kind of pads to order and if you need the special muscle conditioner lotion. The company sells an upgraded version, so this one looks like the garage sale version of the real deal. That means the computer parts might be old and outdated.

  2. On May 4, 2010 LouieG said:

    I thought it was too much money to spend. When I saw it on sale I decided to try it. So far I like the Slendertone belt. It’s more complicated than I thought but it works good.

  3. On May 15, 2010 john said:

    This ab belt is crap, i thought it would work but it takes forever gosh, maybe other garage sale it doesnt matther the quality but how fast it works – must be old unites in it

  4. On August 1, 2010 Antoinette Outlaw said:

    The build works very well. Had it for two and a half weeks see a little bit of difference. started .30min. now up to 150min. Loving it.

    Need to oder supplies were do I go. Please let me know ASAP.

    True Slender Friend!

    Telling everyone I know.

    Thank you.

    Outlaw from Connecticut.

  5. On August 30, 2010 BS said:

    Don’t buy this!!! It realy dosn’t work it not worth the money.
    Yes it works you musles but you don’t build any usong this ab belt.

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